My late brother, Samuel T. Harmon III, was a pastoral counselor and founder of Church of the Entrepreneur. Serving at the intersection of spirituality, social responsibility, and entrepreneurship, Sam created the church as a “counter punch” to community economic hardship.

Before I quit my job as a federal analyst to recover from a health crisis, I planned to carry on Sam’s work as a layperson someway, somehow once I felt better. Life, however, decided that I first needed another doctorate, a “bit of this, bit of that” one that took me ten years to earn at The School of Hard Knocks. As part of my “curriculum,” I studied Kabbalah, New Thought, and The Teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

Through my studies, I learned that we create our experiences through the way we think, which is another way of stating my guiding principle, “As Within, So Without.” Or, peace on earth begins with peaceful people.

It’s time to re-birth Sam’s church to spread peace and prosperity globally.

It’s no secret that workers of the world are not at peace, for reasons ranging from no work, to poorly-paid work, to well-paid work in ill-fitting environments, to well-paid work in toxic environments, to work in bondage. But remember: Peace on earth begins with peaceful people. That is, we can get depressed about the plight of workers around the world, or get glad about improving workers’ lives as a way of spreading peace and prosperity globally.

And how can we do that?

By combining our creative talents to help workers—including ourselves—find peace and prosperity through entrepreneurship. In Sam’s words:

Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful Forces in the Universe. It is Creation. It is being in God’s own image at its best.


When you create something out of nothing—when you use your creative talents to produce something that has never existed—and prosper, then you are at your best.


[Entrepreneurship] is a pathway that can redeem a person, a family, a neighborhood, a people, a country and even our world.

But entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. They say it takes a village to raise a child; I say it takes a community to help small businesses thrive.

I’m re-birthing Sam’s church as a family of small business marketing & public service advertising company, intended to promote prosperity for all by promoting social change entrepreneurs.

The first company will gather together community-minded people to have fun…

1) buying and selling goods & services among ourselves,

2) making unifying art, and

3) creating consumer campaigns to encourage large corporations to adopt people- and planet-friendly business practices, and to direct more dollars toward smaller businesses that are already “doing right.”

Starting out, my role will be doing inspirational and informational blogging, and creating a program to help individuals and groups use storytelling as a tool for personal and community transformation.

Later, I plan on working with members of the company community on a number of things including…

1) helping small business owners build strong brands and getting those brands in front of customers,

2) designing consumer products to make profits that will in part subsidize branding and legal services for business owners getting on their feet,

3) hosting in-person events, eventually, such as business trainings, and parties and variety shows—YAY!!!—to bring together business owners, performing artists and their potential customers and supporters in the flesh.

If you’re already feeling what I’m talking about, click here to join me in spreading peace and prosperity by voting with your dollars deliberately and getting started doing work you love!

My companies will promote a variety of businesses, but will start off focusing on small businesses in food and fashion.

Why food and fashion? The reasons are many, but a few are because…

1) consumers will always buy food and fashion, which creates frequent opportunities for us to put power—our money—into the hands of business owners who PAY TAXES and do right by people and the planet.

2) farm slavery operations are alive and well in the U.S., and international workers toil in unsafe conditions and have died to satisfy American demand for cheap clothes.

3) eating at local food establishments is one of the best ways of planting financial seeds in communities.

4) the U.S. apparel market is the largest in the world and American consumers are growing weary of cheaply-made goods made by exploited workers overseas, which is making space for domestic manufacturers and workers to enjoy a larger piece of the marketplace pie.

5) according to The Autobiography of Frederick Douglass, master fed his slaves sweet foods on holidays to keep them sugar drunk and unable to organize. Today, corporations are keeping the masses chronically disorganized—particularly in communities of color—by getting them hooked on sugary drinks and other health-robbing, factory-manufactured “food.”

But remember: “As Within, So Without.” In other words, I’m not trying to incite you to anger, but to rouse you to see opportunities to make your mark doing work you love. If that’s your heart’s desire, click here.