Mary-Elizabeth Harmon, aka Miss Biz, is a scientist turned storyteller on a mission to help people live great-feeling lives.

A graduate of MIT and The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Mary-Elizabeth embraced her childhood love of telling tales (truthful ones) to overcome a health crisis triggered by a stifling career. Her first book, “AWAKENING GIANT: An Over-Thinker Finds a Better-Feeling Life,” is a story about trusting intuition for creating wellbeing in one’s worklife and life at large.

After leaving the laboratory as an HIV researcher, Mary-Elizabeth did a stint as a staff scientist at Greenpeace before joining the federal ranks as a fellow at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and later as an analyst for the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General. In the latter role, she evaluated programs and wrote data-driven stories (i.e., reports) for Congress, including a compelling account of healthcare fraud that prompted regulatory changes and several indictments.

With Capitol Hill in her peripheral vision, Mary-Elizabeth is now combining her love of storytelling with the wisdom she gained from her past experiences—including those she thought wasted her time and talents—to build an empire of small business marketing & public service advertising companies, intended to promote prosperity for all by promoting social change entrepreneurs and organizations, particularly in food, fashion, and health and wealth creation.

Mary-Elizabeth’s second book, “STRIDING GIANT: A Former Over-Thinking Scientist Finds Her Footing in a Wobbly World,” is coming in 2021.

To learn about Mary-Elizabeth’s upcoming book, click here.

To learn about Mary-Elizabeth’s burgeoning business, click here.